Brownfield Demonstration Projects



Breakout Session: Brownfield Demonstration Projects: Innovative Agriculture Projects Utilizing Brownfields – This Could Work in Your Community

Date and Time

Tuesday, September 15th 10:30 am – 12:00 pm


George Carico, WV Brownfields Assistance Center at Marshall University


Melissa Stewart, West Virginia State University Extension Service
Jeff Wood, West Virginia National Guard
Jamie Schuler WVU School of Forestry and Natural Resources


Agriculture-related programs and projects are springing up all across West Virginia.  Reutilization of brownfield properties for agricultural-related use continues to gain interest, with multiple successes occurring around the State.  This session will examine three unique demonstration projects underway.  Each of these projects have the potential to be replicated, on a small community scale up to a large commercial scale, utilizing brownfield properties in rural areas, small communities and towns, and larger cities.  Presenters will be discussing a variety of concepts and subject matters, including use of high tunnels, creating completely new agriculture markets, entrepreneurship opportunities, tower gardens, and working with local farmers markets.  This session will provide valuable information to local community leaders, economic develop professionals, and anyone interested in new, sustainable agriculture opportunities of any scale.


Brownfield Demonstration Projects – Jamie Schuler

Brownfield Demonstration Projects – Melissa Stewart

Brownfield Demonstration Projects – Jeff Wood