Diversification and Resiliency in the Coalfields



Breakout Session: Diversification and Resiliency in the Coalfields

Date and Time

Wednesday, September 16th 8:30 am – 10:00 am


Kent Spellman, WV Community Development Hub


Leasha Johnson, Mingo County Redevelopment Authority
Brandon Dennison, Coalfield Development Corporation
Ben Gilmer, Downstream Strategies


Coalfield communities, especially in southern West Virginia, are undergoing a transition. The focus of this session will be to look at the opportunities and strategies that are available to these communities to help diversify their economies, including the redevelopment of former mine lands, the rebuilding of communities, retooling of existing industries, and the introduction of new economic development sectors. The session will also explore the agencies, organizations and programs that could provide assistance and support as coalfield communities navigate this transition.