FOCUS WV Brownfields Program

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Foundation for Overcoming Challenges and Utilizing Strengths

The Foundation for Overcoming Challenges and Utilizing Strengths (FOCUS WV) program catalyzes community-based brownfield projects in West Virginia by providing local project redevelopment stakeholders with technical and financial assistance to find solutions to existing and anticipated risks and liabilities associated with environmental unknowns. 

The FOCUS WV program provides grant funds to eligible, community-driven projects to address immediate barriers to progress in the redevelopment process.  Through the availability of project-related grants and the technical assistance provided by NBAC, what are perceived to be elephant-sized projects by local communities can be addressed instead of avoided.  

The FOCUS WV Program encourages brownfield redevelopment and enhanced economic development across West Virginia by providing resources to:

  • Enable communities to market and/or reposition challenging but strategic sites;
  • Enhance a community‚Äôs ability to engage on strategic community development projects by understanding the resources available; and
  • Build the capacity of communities to develop and implement a redevelopment vision.

Applications Due November 1.

Applications for the current round of FOCUS WV funding are due November 1.

Learn more and apply online here.


From 2009 to 2013, FOCUS WV grants resulted in significant project momentum toward short-term milestones and long-term success on projects that transform challenging sites into a new reality, visually and mentally, for West Virginia communities.  These mini-grants were designed to catalyze new or existing brownfield redevelopment projects by providing seed funding for a variety of redevelopment activities. The success of this program has been the bedrock for technical assistance provided by the Center since.

This video, produced as part of the FOCUS WV program in 2009, highlights the success and impacts of the program.

Learn more about the history of the FOCUS WV Program.

FOCUS WV Handbook

The FOCUS WV Handbook was created by the NBAC to compile the lessons learned, best practices, and unique redevelopment strategies identified over the four-year program. It also includes the model used successfully by FOCUS grantees, refined and improved over the years, which has now been enhanced through the WV Redevelopment Collaborative and provided the foundation for the WVU BAD Buildings Program. The Handbook includes case studies of some of the most successful projects, highlighting the importance of brownfield redevelopment in West Virginia.

Click here to download your copy of the FOCUS WV Program Handbook.