FOCUS WV Brownfields Program

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Foundation for Overcoming Challenges and Utilizing Strengths

The FOCUS West Virginia Brownfields Program, which ran from 2009 to 2013, provided mini-grants of up to $12,000 to communities, non-profits, and local units of government across West Virginia. These mini-grants were designed to catalyze new or existing brownfield redevelopment projects by providing seed funding for a variety of redevelopment activities. Eligible funding activities included predevelopment planning (such as stakeholder identification, site assessment/education), community development/capacity building, revitalization planning, and marketing.

Available site specific assistance for local government entities and non profit organizations with underutilized or abandoned sites with real or perceived environmental barriers to redevelopment included: 

  • $5,000 grant for Stage I: Site Analysis & Revitalization Planning
  • technical support
  • opportunity for additional $12,000 for Stage II: Site Design & Marketing Implementation
  • and more.

FOCUS WV Handbook

The Northern WV Brownfields Assistance Center (NBAC) completed its successful Foundations Overcoming Challenges and Utilizing Strengths (FOCUS) WV mini-grant program in 2013. Since its 2009 beginnings, the FOCUS program funded 41 brownfield redevelopment projects by providing $365,000 in direct funding assistance to local non-profits, municipal entities, and redevelopment authorities. These projects have leveraged over $7 million in additional project funding and have resulted in successful redevelopment across the state, including the redevelopment of the Adamston Flat Glass property into a Shop ‘N Save in Clarksburg, the demolition and planned redevelopment of the former TS&T Pottery factory in Chester, and a hugely successful reforestation model for abandoned mine land properties in a partnership with the Wes-Mon-Ty RC&D and US Forest Service.

The FOCUS WV Handbook which was  unveiled in September at the 2013 WV State Brownfields Conference was created by the NBAC to compile the lessons learned, best practices, and unique redevelopment strategies identified over the four-year program. It also includes the model used successfully by FOCUS grantees, refined and improved over the years, which has now been enhanced through the WV Redevelopment Collaborative and will be the foundation for the upcoming BAD Buildings Program. The Handbook includes case studies of some of the most successful projects, highlighting the importance of brownfield redevelopment in West Virginia.

Click here to download your copy of the FOCUS WV Program Handbook.

2013 FOCUS+ Grantees

Project Name
Project Goals
Project Lead
Arthurdale – School Revitalization Arthurdale Heritage, Inc.

Site Assessment, Business Feasibility Study

Preston Jeanne Goodman
Thomas – Riverfront Park New Historic Thomas Development Plan  Tucker Lesly Suppes
Kingwood – Kern Valley RR Maintenance Facility  Friends of the Cheat, Inc. Site Survey, Engineering Plan, Construction Plan   Preston  Aubrey Harris
Shinnston – Former City Garage

 City of Shinnston

 Master Development Plan  Harrison

 Debbie Herndon

Wardensville – Cafeteria  Town of Wardensville Site marketing and development


 John Sayers

Davis – Highlander Village Inn Woodlands Development Group  Site Design and Development Planning  Tucker Dave Clark

As of 2013, the FOCUS WV program has funded 41 projects in 35 communities in 20 counties across West Virginia. These projects have successfully leveraged over $7 million in additional project support as well as thousands of hours of citizen engagement and volunteer time. 

FOCUS WV Brownfields Program Sites (2009-13)

FOCUS WV - All Years Project Map


FOCUS WV Grants Awarded/ Funds Leveraged (2009-13)

FOCUS WV Grants Awarded and Funds Leveraged


FOCUS WV Brownfields Program Profile Video

FOCUS WV Press Releases 

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Brownfields Grants to provide momentum for seven projects statewide

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Brownfields Assistance Program Goes Statewide