West Virginia Brownfield Awards

The West Virginia Brownfield Awards recognize the hard work and great achievements in brownfields redevelopment from across the state. These awards recognize individuals and communities who have made major contributions to the redevelopment of brownfields in West Virginia.

Awards are given in six categories:

Economic Development
The West Virginia Brownfield Award in Economic Development recognizes a project or community partner that has demonstrated excellence in economic development on one or more brownfield site.

Community Engagement Award
The West Virginia Brownfield Award in Community Engagement recognizes a partner or community who has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to community engagement, working closely with communities to identify and implement redevelopment priorities.

Environmental Impact Award
The Environmental Impact Award recognizes a project, organization, or community that has made a significant impact on the cleanup of environmental hazards through a single or multiple projects.

Local Leadership
The Local Leadership Award recognizes a neighborhood, city, or county leader with a strong commitment to brownfield redevelopment.

Redevelopment Partner
The Redevelopment Partner Award recognizes an individual, organization, agency, or other institution that has demonstrated a strong commitment to brownfield redevelopment and worked closely with the BACs to facilitate brownfield redevelopment across the state.

Brownfields Visionary
The Brownfields Visionary Award recognizes an exemplary individual or organization that has shown innovation and vision in the redevelopment of brownfields with major statewide impact. The Brownfields Visionary Award is not given annually but in years when an especially exemplary individual or organization arises.

Previous Award Winners

2018 WV Brownfield Award Recipients
2017 WV Brownfield Award Recipients
2016 WV Brownfield Award Recipients
2015 WV Brownfield Award Recipients
For additional information on the West Virginia Brownfield Awards, contact Carrie Staton.