Jump Starting Redevelopment with Philanthropic Investments

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Breakout Session:
Jump Starting Redevelopment with Philanthropic Investments
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Date and Time:

Thursday, September 8, 1:15 pm – 2:30 pm


Kent Spellman

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  1. Mary Hunt, Claude W. Benedum Foundation
  2. Stephanie Hyre, The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation
  3. Paul Daugherty, Philanthropy West Virginia


In this time of tight government budgets and nervous lenders and investors, who is still investing into a community’s capacity for redevelopment? The Answer: Philanthropic Organizations/Private Charitable Foundations. This session will provide you with strategies on how to engage local, and regional foundations to support your organization and your project. These strategies will come directly from experience foundation personnel, who will discuss how funding decisions are made in their organization and the types of redevelopment projects that are appealing to private foundations. Come engage with dynamic representatives of the philanthropic world that are already guiding investment into the redevelopment of Appalachia.