LRS Training


Breakout Session: LRS Training

Date and Time

Wednesday, September 16th 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


The Licensed Remediation Specialist (LRS) training provides continuing education for LRS professionals. The agenda for the September 16 session is below.
  1. Introduction to Sample Collection
  2. Surface Water Sample Collection
  3. Groundwater Sample Collection
  4. Soil Sample Collection
  5. Q & A
This discussion will include Data Quality Objectives, quality assurance and quality control, and sampling specifics associated with various media, such as soil, groundwater, and surface water, as well as lab issues such as chain of custody problems, containers, and hold times. To receive LRS credit for this session, be sure to register for either the One Day Registration with 1 LRS Credit or the Two-Day Registration with 2 LRS Credits (which also requires attendance at all Remediation Track Sessions on September 15).