Recreational Trails – Beneficial to Your Community



Breakout Session: Recreational Trails – Beneficial for Your Community

Date and Time

Tuesday, September 15th 1:15 pm – 2:30 pm


George Carico, WV Brownfields Assistance Center at Marshall University


Doug Hylton, Meadow River Rail Trail
Mark Abbott, North Bend Rails-to-Trails Foundation, Inc.
Ryan Burns, West Virginia Division of Highways


Rail trails, community walking/biking paths, and greenways are gaining more and more attention for the positive aspects they bring to the local community.  Better health, increased property value, alternatives to traditional transportation, and local-based economic development are just a few of the positives recreational trails offer.  What about negative aspects associated with recreational trails?   What’s the cost for these types of developments?  What can be expected once a trail is complete?  This session will examine these and other related topics, using three recreational trails either in operation or currently under various phases of construction.  Presenters will be discussing property and construction costs, maintenance/upkeep requirements, benefits and negative factors that can be associated with recreational trails.  If your community is considering a recreational trail project, this session will provide true perspective on the various aspects that need to be considered.


Recreational Trails: Beneficial to Your Community – Introduction

Recreational Trails: Beneficial to Your Community – Dough Hylton

Recreational Trails: Beneficial to Your Community – Mark Abbott

Recreational Trails: Beneficial to Your Community – Ryan Burns