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The Brownfields Assistance Centers tools, publications, and project listings provide assistance, guidance, and examples to help guide our stakeholders statewide through the redevelopment process.  We encourage you to use all or some of our resources or contact us with any questions on how to use them.  If you are not clear on your project needs, give us a call.  We’d love to hear from you!


The WV Brownfields Assistance Centers provide tools that will guide your decision-making process.  The tools will help you:

  • determine which stage of the redevelopment process your target properties are in
  • navigate the difficult redevelopment process
  • determine suitability and future use of your brownfields properties 
  • collect site characteristic data to develop information for stakeholders and developers

Decision Enhancer Tool

The purpose of the Decision Enhancer Tool (DET) is to facilitate the redevelopment of underutilized and/or abandoned properties that may be contaminated within West Virginia.  The DET helps communities consider land reuse options and think about future uses for complex sites that are economically and environmentally sustainable.  The DET will help communities assess the strength and weakness of a particular property.  Then they will be able to proactively develop strategies from the data gathered and results generated in the DET that will lead to productive redevelopment of selected properties.

Completion of the DET will generate a compelling site story that will provide the crucial information needed to attract potential investors and developers to your site.

Learn more about the DET.


The Brownfields Assistance Centers provide outreach through publications and digital media to keep our communities, stakeholders, and statewide network updated on our activities, projects, and progress.  We routinely reach out through creating, updating, and releasing: 

  • our yearly Brownfields Post for all constituents and WV Brownfields Conference attendees
  • our Annual Report for all constituents
  • Performance Reviews of Brownfields Assistance Centers
  • updates via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • brownfields email newsletters
  • and much more.

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BF-09 - Sustainable Energy Parks on Mine Scarred Land in Appalachia
BF-19 - WV Redevelopment Collaborative
BF-23 - FOCUS WV FY2012
BF-26 - Post Mine Site Identification for Industrial Development

To view more info about our projects, click this link to navigate to our Projects Page.