WV Brownfields Inventory

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The WV Brownfields Inventory 2.0 is a central, statewide resource for site developers, community stakeholders, and government officials who need assistance with brownfields property research.  The Northern WV Brownfields Assistance Center (NBAC), in conjunction with the WV Brownfields Assistance Center at Marshall University, has expanded the existing WV Brownfields Inventory 1.0, which was used to catalog and track current and potential brownfields properties.  The new WV Brownfields Inventory 2.0 is now an interactive online map and database with new sites being added constantly.

Included within the WV Brownfields Inventory 2.0 are properties that have been identified using local stakeholder input, environmental records, and technical assistance requests.

Property data included with the WV Brownfields Inventory 2.0 now includes:

  • Site name and address
  • Location coordinates (longitude, latitude)
  • Site photos and profiles (if available)
  • Physical location description
  • Site acreage
  • Zoning (if present)
  • Assessment status (if applicable)

Disclaimer: The WV Brownfields Inventory 2.0 is for informational purposes only, may not be suitable for legal or technical use, and should be reviewed to ascertain its accuracy and usability related to your needs.  The property data, photos, and associated information were obtained from the most current and relevant known sources outside of the West Virginia Brownfields Assistance Centers, and all attempts to gather accurate information were made.  However, it is not a comprehensive list of all brownfields properties in West Virginia, nor does the inventory represent ‘certified’ brownfields.  The West Virginia Brownfields Assistance Centers assume no responsibility for errors, omissions, or inclusions in any of the inventory information.  If you have specific questions or wish us to update any of the data, please contact Charles.Springston@mail.wvu.edu

Navigate to the WV Brownfields Inventory 2.0 to begin your search for Brownfields properties in West Virginia.

Click here to download Brownfield Inventory List